We move! It is a possible initiative that All  people who are confined at home can do quality physical activity reliably and professionally.

It has been shown that thePhisical activity is a great immune system stimulant which allows us to have the body more prepared to deal with diseases, but also thePhisical activity brings physical, mental and relational benefits ideal for overcoming confinement.

For that We move! promoted physical activity between totes les persones continuously and regularly: because an ACTIVE society is a HAPPIER and more PREPARED society.

Choose from the different options you can do LIVE PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, you have multiple videos with a large number ofACTIVITIES FOR EVERYONE, you can download PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PLANS and you can visit the HEALTHY TIPS.

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Physical activity sessions aimed at everyone

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Live directed physical activity sessions

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abril, 2024

Healthy tips

Advice from industry experts

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